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La Reunion, the ultimate island. Located in the Mascarene Archipelago, Reunion Island is a region of France situated in the Indian Ocean. This majestic island offers travellers the opportunity to experience volcanoes and beautiful beaches all while enjoying some creole hospitality. At the crossroads of European, African and Asian cultures, Reunion is a true melting pot. Enjoy unbelievable views and experiences that you’ll never forget.

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Eco-friendly and responsible tourism type of holidays are the right way to kick back, relax and enjoy the most incredible scenery Earth has to offer. With unbelievable accommodation in Mozambique, Madagascar and the Seychelles you will want to book your next eco-friendly holiday ASAP!

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Mozambique has certainly earned its title as an aqua playground. Home to some of the most pristine and picturesque beaches in the world, Mozambique has gained popularity as a must-see tourist destination all year round as well as one of the most romantic destinations for tropical paradise inspired honeymoons.

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The Maldives, a tropical nation situated in the Indian Ocean. A nation known for its magnificent beaches, blue lagoons and incredible reefs. The Maldives is composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls that are made up of over 1000 Coral Reefs, quite amazing isn’t it? But what makes the Maldives a destination must-see on your bucket list?

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It is not often that you hear people mention Zanzibar as a family holiday destination. It is so often mentioned as the perfect Honeymoon destination or the perfect spot for a relaxing and romantic couple’s getaway, but have you ever really considered it’s potential as a family holiday destination? Well we have, and we thought we would share a few reasons you should consider taking the whole family with you to Zanzibar during your next vacation.

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St Helena Island is one of our favourite holiday destinations that is considered one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands with an incredible environment. Why would a remote island be one of our favourite holiday destinations? Well, St Helena Island has a number of phenomenal wonders that you have to experience first-hand, making it a true little gem when it comes to remote getaways and spontaneous adventures.

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