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La Reunion, the ultimate island. Located in the Mascarene Archipelago, Reunion Island is a region of France situated in the Indian Ocean. This majestic island offers travellers the opportunity to experience volcanoes and beautiful beaches all while enjoying some creole hospitality. At the crossroads of European, African and Asian cultures, Reunion is a true melting pot. Enjoy unbelievable views and experiences that you’ll never forget.


Fancy a cup of local spiced tea? Well enjoy this beverage whilst standing in total darkness whilst listening to noise of runoff water on the clay ways of the tunnel in mid-air. Climb up and in this incredible natural treasure and enjoy the 30 metre zip line to exit the tunnel. This is a rush of adrenaline you won’t want to miss out!

Hiking in and amongst Reunion Island is another treat for yourself! Soak up incredible views that your eyes won’t believe. We delve deeper into Mafate, the most isolated cirque on Reunion Island and only accessible on foot or by air. So whether you choose to hike around or take a luxurious helicopter ride, this is something you defiantly need to tick off your bucket list.


If the activities and views aren’t enough to make you visit this paradise, the food will defiantly convince you. The Reunion Island offers a colourful and vibrant cuisine that is full of flavour! The dishes are inspired by all four corners of the globe, accompanied by exotic fruits and delicate spices. The richness and diversity of its flavours are immense, blending French, Indian, Chinese, Madagascan and East African traditions. But in terms of distillation, aromatic plants are not the only ones this island has to offer! Rum is the traditional drink. Made from sugar cane, it is often served infused with fruits and spices which have been steeped for several months in bottles or bowls, giving a very distinctive flavour. Vanilla, lychee, passion fruit, kaffir lime...  The choice is endless.


A land of true authentic adventure. It starts in mountains and ends at the ocean’s edge, to watch the sun goes down. Choose your once in a lifetime activities, your unforgettable memories and your time to explore, unwind and experience some of Reunion Islands greatest gifts.