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St Helena Island is one of our favourite holiday destinations that is considered one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands with an incredible environment. Why would a remote island be one of our favourite holiday destinations? Well, St Helena Island has a number of phenomenal wonders that you have to experience first-hand, making it a true little gem when it comes to remote getaways and spontaneous adventures.

St Helena Island is an unassuming little haven of history and adventure, being that it is an island of such a uniquely diverse heritage; breath-taking views and quaintness, what’s more to love?

We thought we would share a bit more on some of the wonders that this treasure of an island is home to so here goes.

jacobs ladder full

First up, Jacobs Ladder. More common than most, Jacobs Ladder is one of the more well-known sights on St Helena Island. Built in 1829, this inclined plane is 600ft high and made up of 699 steps.

Jacob’s Ladder is the perfect adventure for those of you who are feeling a bit fit and adventurous; it also allows you to experience St Helena island from a bit of a different angle with spectacular views of Jamestown from the suburb of Half Tree Hallow at the top, and the chance to grab your souvenir certificate from the museum – which is a wonderful added bit of excitement for all of your hard work getting up those stairs!

Jacobs Ladder 021

Next on our list is Napolean’s Tomb.

Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on St Helena Island in 1821 where the British Governor at the time insisted that he be buried on St Helena Island in the Valley of the Willows – as it was known back then – or what we now refer to as Sane Valley. Although his body no longer resides there as it was taken back to France and buried there in 1840, the land where the tomb stands - despite being empty – has become a regular spot for visitors and tourists who seem to enjoy experiencing the peace and quiet of the site.


The next must see on our list is the Heart Shaped Waterfall and what a beauty it truly is.

This 90m waterfall that runs mostly in the winter and early spring, is one of our favourite wonders simply because of its natural beauty.

The Heart shape waterfall was originally part of French land during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte and is completely natural – shape and all – making it a picturesque experience for all visitors and tourists to the island.

Between 2008 and 2010 the woodland walk that leads up the base of the waterfall was refurbished and a viewing platform was built next to the Waterfall’s plunge pool making the walk from Jamestown an enjoyable one and what’s more, once you reach the Waterfall you can enjoy a nice dip in the plunge pool, (but be careful as the rocks can get slippery!)

3. Heart Shaped Waterfall

This next one is not for the faint hearted.

St Helena Island is considered one of the best places in the world to experience and encounter Whale Sharks in all their glory.

Swimming with Whale Sharks – although deemed to have no risk at all to humans – is something for those of you who are feeling spontaneous and up for a bit of an adrenalin spiking adventure.

Swimming with Whale Sharks is generally best during the summer months of January through to March and St Helena offers a 1 in 16 chance to do so!


The last of our top 5 wonders is Diana’s Peak.

Diana’s Peak is the highest point on St Helena Island. Diana’s Peak is a range of three summits and is primarily an area for natural wildlife and is home to Diana’s Peak National Park which is a part of the National Conservation Areas.

Diana’s Peak offers amazing views right across the land and the walk is not too difficult – however can be slippery when wet.

dianas peak aerial

We don’t know about you, but all of this sounds so incredible so if you’re looking to book your next getaway, St Helena Island and all of its wonders are waiting for you. Get in touch with us today and let’s make your holiday dreams a reality.