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Botswana, home to the most magnificent wildlife, picturesque sunsets and let’s not forget the magical Okavango Delta.

Essentially Botswana is considered one of the last true wilderness areas in Africa. At least one third of the country is purely dedicated to conservation that occurs in the form of National Parks and Reserve, so if being outdoors, exploring wildlife and conservation are your thing, then Botswana is the perfect destination for you to travel to next. Although it is not the cheapest of African destinations, the country has a policy of “high quality, low impact,” giving you an exclusive experience like no other.

With this in mind, we thought we would share a few reasons why Botswana is considered Africa’s best kept secret and why it is a must see for your next holiday destination!

  1. The Okavango Delta

There’s no need for us to explain why The Okavango Delta is number one on our list.

The Okavango Delta is one of the last remaining unspoiled wilderness areas of Africa that covers approximately 16000 square kilometres of land. Fed by the floodwaters of Central Africa The Okavango Delta forms a wetland system like no other. With beautiful palm-fringed channels, lagoons and islands it is no wander there is an abundance of Flora and Fauna as far as the eye can see.

Explore this magical wonderland by dugout canoe and enjoy the ultimate laidback wildlife experience.

If you’re lucky you’ll get to explore some of the island by foot and go where so few have had the opportunity to go.

Okavango River

  1. The biggest concentration of African Elephants in the world.

Botswana is said to be the true home of the African Elephants, with Chobe National Park having the highest concentration in the world (Currently there are an estimated 120 000 in the area.)

Spending 3-4 days in the area will ensure you get to experience the Big Five in all their glory.

Furthermore, we thought we would also point out Chobe National Park. It is one of the most accessible and frequently visited areas of Botswana and rightfully so. Here, you are practically guaranteed elephant sightings as well as Buffalo sightings that bring about prides of Lions and other predators for you to enjoy and let’s not forget the birdlife so make sure you have those Binoculars handy!

Wandering about accommodation and planning? We have you covered. Enjoy a stay at the Cresta Mowana Safari Resort and Spa. Situated on the banks of the mighty Chobe River, the Cresta Mowana Safari Resort and Spa is one of Africa’s most sustainable tourism destinations where luxury exists in harmony with nature, providing you a unique location from which to explore the magical wanders of untamed Africa.

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  1. The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Looking back a few thousand years ago, Botswana was home to Lake Makgadikgadi – covering an area the size of Portugal – which has dried up and provided one of the most uniquely beautiful parts of Botswana, a series of Salt Pans that are separated by sandy Desert.

Here, you will come across the magnificent Baobab Trees that are scattered throughout the Salt Pans and when it rains the Salt Pans attract an array of wildlife, from Zebra and Wildebeest right through to thousands of Flamingos – Sounds like an incredibly beautiful sight doesn’t it?

Alongside this there are a number of Meerkats that frequent some burrows in the Salt Pans. Being that they’re overly friendly you are able to walk and sit with these interesting little critters and allow them to climb all over you, interacting with them in a way that not many of us get to experience.

unique and desolate

  1. Incredible Safari’s

With Botswana providing the most incredible Safari adventures, we couldn’t leave out the opportunity to enjoy and experience walking Safari’s and various other Safari’s alike. With such an incredible array of wildlife, birdlife, flora and fauna to experience, there is simply no way of visiting Botswana without embarking on a Safari adventure.

For those who are feeling extra adventurous, a stay on the Chobe Princess is right up your alley. It’s like being on your own 4-star luxury boat.

Each of the 3 Chobe Princesses’ house a small number of people but you are able to book the whole boat exclusively should you wish to. This voyage down Chobe River is not to be missed. With extraordinary wildlife sightings, mesmerizing sunsets, sunrises from your window and beautiful bird species in a wetland paradise, the Chobe Princess and its voyage will leave a nostalgic memory that will never vanish.


  1. Bushmen people of the Kalahari

The San people of the Central Kalahari and Makgadikgadi are one of the world’s last great nomad people’s left. Most known for their hunting and tracking skills in the harsh heat of Botswana, the San people of the Kalahari are by far a highlight to any traveler’s trip with some camps around Botswana allowing you to interact with the San people – many of whom are actually employed as rangers and trackers – so that you can learn some phenomenal skills that lend themselves to interpreting the environment, wildlife and climate that surrounds you.

bushmen walks at jacks camp 590x390

We cannot wait for you to start exploring the beauty that is Botswana. Visit our website today for more information on the accommodation destinations and packages that we have available (other than the Cresta Mowana Resort and Spa and the Chobe Princesses.) If you’re one step ahead of the curve and ready to book then simply fill in our online enquiry form or give us a call and let’s make your holiday dreams a reality!