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When it comes to the Seychelles, we are spoilt for choice.

Powder-white beaches, draped in crystal-clear waters, lush hills; a laid-back style of life and tropical paradise antics are what await you when visiting the Seychelles. But what makes the Seychelles one of the world’s number one dream holiday destinations? The islands that make it up of course.

Made up of 115 Islands, the Seychelles is an archipelago and sovereign state in the Indian Ocean and a magnificent one at that. If you’re deciding on your next vacay destination then you may want to keep reading as we break-down which Seychelles Islands you should visit and why. Keep in mind that you can explore each of these islands during your time in the Seychelles regardless of where you stay, meaning you’re in for an epic adventure that can be filled with spontaneity and of course romance – if you’re taking that special someone with.

So, let’s not waste anymore of your time.

First on our list is the magnificent Praslin Island.

Praslin Island has a little bit for everyone. It’s an island that mainly caters to tourists and newlyweds – which is not to say it is the only one to do so – and is a great place for nature and outdoor lovers. With its phenomenal beaches, the Praslin National Park, great restaurants and a few good bars, Praslin Island is definitely one of our faves (FYI, we have an amazing holiday package available that includes a stay at the luxurious Coco de Mer Hotel)


Next on our list is none other than the beautiful island of Mahe. Mahe is one of the largest islands in the Seychelles and is said to be the economic and cultural hub of the other inner islands that make up the Seychelles. Mahe is the perfect destination to visit as an introduction to the Seychelles – so if it is your first time travelling to the Seychelles, then this one is for you. Picturesque beaches, luxurious hotels, and friendly locals all characterize this lovely little island paradise making it a wonderful spot for honeymooners as well! Those first-time visitors will be welcomed with the best of the Seychelles attractions and cannot go wrong on Mahe. Our delightful holiday package offers you a stay at Banyan Tree Resort and is bound to make your time in Seychelles that much more incredible!


Thirdly we have the chilled island of La Digue. La Digue is the number one choice for those of you that are ONLY looking to relax and enjoy a casual lifestyle throughout your stay. Home to pristine beaches. pink granite rocks and some beautiful sea-life, La Digue is a great place to unwind and just be. It is considered one of the smallest and most chilled islands in the Seychelles and is perfect to explore on foot, or, if you’re up for a bit of fun, you are bound to find an ox-cart or two to add a bit of local flavor to your adventure.

La Digue

We couldn’t forget about Curieuse. Being that is a bio-reserve, Curieuse makes for a great tourist destination. Although the island does not have any hotels or restaurants of its own, it is well-worth the visit if you’re up for being a tourist for the day. You can enjoy its magnificent beauty by embarking on one of the organized tours that will take you on a stunning adventure through the mangrove forests, allowing you to enjoy the fauna and red archways that can be found on the beach, after all, it’s the Seychelles, you’re bound to find beauty in everything!

Curieuse Island seychelles

Last on our list is the wonderful Cousine Island. This island is a secluded island that will indeed pamper you with its white sandy beaches and tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy walks through its tropical forests, with or without a guide. You can also enjoy some bird watching, fishing, diving, island hopping and more to really get the full flavor of your local surroundings.


Have we made your next holiday destination decision a little easier?

If you’re looking to book or for some more assistance and information about the Seychelles and the holiday packages we have available to you, simply get in touch with us by filling in our online enquiry form or giving us a call and we’ll be sure to make your holiday dreams a reality!