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Zanzibar, situated off the Tanzania coast, has long been a dreamy destination that is adorned with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and palm tree fringed resorts, making it hard to resist.

Home to some of the world’s finest beaches, Zanzibar and its surrounding islands make the perfect beach holiday or if you’re in the mood for love, honeymoon destination too.

But what really makes Zanzibar a gem of a destination? Many people hesitate at the thought of spending days on an excluded island in the middle of the ocean but Zanzibar has a whole heap of activities to offer.

Filled with incredible culture, you’re in for a real treat should you decide to visit Zanzibar which is why we thought we would just help wet your appetite a bit by putting together our top 5 activities for you to enjoy when holidaying in Zanzibar, after all, who doesn’t love a new and exciting adventure filled with spontaneous activities?

Stone Town, the heart and soul of the island.

Stone Town provides visitors with a mixture of winding alleys and beautiful old Arabic-style buildings.

Lose yourself in this mesmerising town and its magic whilst soaking up the incredible culture. Wander through the streets and discover all the magnificent little spots everywhere you turn.

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Prison Island, also known as Changugu island, is accessible by boat and is approximately 30 minutes from the Zanzibar Island.

Interesting fact, the prison island was never used as a prison but instead it was utilised as a quarantine centre for Yellow Fever epidemics that once raged through the region. Apart from this it also once functioned as a Coral Mine and other than the above was mainly a very popular holiday destination, after all it is still an exotic island!


Cheetah’s Rock, a unique place where people and animals are able to interact directly.

You will not only interact with animals but you will also learn more about much needed protection and conservation of endangered species and their behavioural aspects.

Cheetah’s rock takes pride in training its animals through positive conditioning and you can experience this by enjoying a wonderful “talent” show put on by Chaka the Zebra to kick your Cheetah Rock experience off the right way!


Spice Tour, something Zanzibar is extremely well-known for has got to be its spice trade and what better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than learning about one of its wealthiest industries!

Explore the winding streets, smell and taste different spices, take a tour of a spice farm, learn how the spices are farmed and used and so much more with some of their expert tour guides who will make sure you leave with a mind full of information pertaining to the industry and the wide variety of spices that Zanzibar produces and trades in.

Spice farm tour

Nungwi Natural Aquarium, In spite of the aquarium being more like a glorified rock pool than an actual full-blown aquarium, the Nungwi Natural Aquarium is a must see when visiting Zanzibar!

The Nungwi Natural Aquarium is Zanzibar’s major fish and turtle’s natural aquarium that boasts vibrant colours and very engaging exhibits that feature more than 500 marine species from all across the beautiful Indian Ocean.


How incredible? The idea of exploring a new culture is always inviting! If you’re up for the adventure and enjoying learning as you go then get in touch with us today and let us help you make your next adventure a reality!