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St Helena Island is considered one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands with an incredibly remarkable environment. The landscape on St Helena island varies from dramatic cliff tops through to sub-tropical spaces that are filled with diverse heritage and unimaginable beauty.

St Helena Island is an unassuming little haven that is often overlooked due to its starkness when in fact the Island has so much to offer!

Being an island with a uniquely diverse heritage and several natural and built attractions, St Helena Island has several activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy all while embracing the rugged coastline with rolling hills and striking geology.

St Helena Island is home to the most diverse heritage and nature; breath-taking views from the highest peaks; inviting waters and 100% quaintness, which is why we beckon you to a true discovery and have decided to share some of the top activities you can enjoy during your visit to St Helena Island.

First on our list of recommended things to do has got to be a visit to the Castle Gardens.

These gardens were originally the garden of the East India Company, home to colourful plants and flowers including a number of the islands most endemic plants. The Castle Gardens boast the memorial to the Brig of War Waterwitch and her royal navy and his home to a fish pond that offers a quaint and relaxing area to sit and enjoy a picnic.

St Helena Castle Gardens

The next stop on our list is definitely Jacob’s Ladder.

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Built in 1829, Jacob’s Ladder is an inclined plane that is 600ft high and made up of 699 steps. Tourists are able to make the Jacob’s Ladder walk or run – if you’re feeling really fit and adventurous – and experience St Helena from a bit of a different angle!

Once you reach the top you are in for a real treat with the spectacular views of Jamestown. What’s more, you can grab your souvenir certificate from the museum whilst popping in for a visit.

jacobs ladder full

Next up we suggest a visit to the St Helena Distillery.

St Helena is known as one of the world’s best kept secrets and the St Helena Distillery even more so.

Being one of the most remote Distillery’s in the world – yes, you heard right, the world - the St Helena Distillery uses German-made Holstein spirit distilling equipment that is used to distill 4 unique spirits for you to enjoy!

It keeps getting better doesn’t it? St Helena island is certainly a little haven for incredible things which brings us to our last stop.


Keen on experience the world from a different depth? Then Scuba-Diving or Snorkeling on St Helena island is a must!

Clear, warm waters, wrecks and fascinating marine life is what awaits you when diving on St Helena island.

Dive site habitats are mostly made up of rocky reefs with caves and boulders that are all within easy reach of the wharf in Jamestown. The wrecks that can be found dotted across the coast make for the most popular dive and snorkeling sites making your experience of the islands heritage and history even that much more intriguing.

Saint Helena Island

Convincing enough? Don’t miss out on exploring a remote island that is full of an incredible history and breath-taking beauty. We have some amazing holiday and accommodation packages available to you that will make your St Helena visit that much more magnificent!

Enjoy a stay at the Farm Lodge Country House, built in 1670 as an East India Company planters’ house, this beautiful Lodge is set in its own grounds of 10 acres with lawns and lush tropical gardens, giving you the utmost peace and tranquility.

The Mantis Hotel is another historical gem. Located next to St James’ Church and originally of the Georgian era, the building of Mantic St Helena Hotel was revamped during the Victorian era and has kept several old artefacts from officers of the East India Company.

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