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Madagascar, covered in beauty and mystery. An island that is uncommon to many as a holiday destination or tourist attraction but one that has such incredible potential.

At the moment, the tourism in Madagascar is underdeveloped, meaning it is the perfect spot for you to take advantage of for your next holiday, avoiding large crowds and experiencing the island outside of the hustle and bustle of flocks of tourists. Having recently launched Madagascar as one of our latest holiday destinations we thought we’d share our top 5 reasons to visit Madagascar with you, as well as some of our incredible accommodation offers available, just in case you suddenly felt the urge to book your 2018 holiday!

Our first and most important reason you should be visiting Madagascar on your next holiday is not only because it is considered the World’s oldest island but it also boasts a set of animals and plants that have been evolving in isolation for over 60 million years!

There are still so many mysteries to be unravelled on Madagascar which is why it is such an unrepeatable experience!

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Madagascar is abundant in Fauna and Flora and more than half of its breeding birds are endemic (meaning they are native or restricted to a certain place.) There are several historical sites that can be found throughout the country along with beautiful craftsman communities and relaxing cities, making it one of the most detailed and diverse destinations around.

The wildlife in Madagascar is unique and intriguing.

Lemurs, Chameleons and Fossa’s are three of the unique elements to the wildlife in Madagascar.


With it being in isolation for so many years it has essentially developed its own cosmos of wonderful and peculiar creatures and is home   to over 200 000 different wildlife species and more than 10 000 plant species (90% of these are  found nowhere else on earth.) After   losing the evolutionary competition against larger predators and herbivores, Madagascar has been described as a museum with living   fossils due to its wildlife resembling long-lost species on the  African mainland – how amazing?

The third reason you should be planning your next holiday to Madagascar is because of the fascinating culture and history.

 madgascar culture full

Apart from the incredible scenery and animal life that we’ve mentioned, Madagascar is a melting pot of extremely diverse cultures and traditions with more than 18 varying ethnic groups.

(The Malagasy culture is a stunning blend of African, Arab and Indian origin with some of the friendliest locals in all of Africa)

One of our favourite reasons to visit Madagascar has also got to be its pristine beaches! I mean, what’s an island without its dream-like, paradise beaches.

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With almost 5000km’s of coastline, many of the beaches in Madagascar are breathtakingly beautiful and surrounded by exquisite forests. You can be sure to find turtles visiting the beaches, dolphins and whales appearing in the waters to revel in their crystal-clear appearance. You can enjoy kayak rides to explore neighbouring islands all the while taking in the truly picturesque beauty that is Madagascar!  

Last but not least, the scenery has got to be a selling point when it comes to this incredible island.

The diversity of this exquisite island is truly mind blowing. From lush forests and towering mountain ranges to dry bleached salt pans and strange rock formations, you are in for the most unforgettable holiday of your life - Baobab Alley has got to be one of our favourite spots with its striking collection of baobabs that line a road in the West.

Baobabs near Morondava

We don’t know about you but we are sold, the only thing left to decide on is your accommodation. We have several incredible resorts available to you to choose from but for now we will share three of our fave!

First up is the Andilana Beach Resort which is located on the north-western tip of Nosy Be, the most renowned location on the island with two endless beaches and stunning scenery. Andilana Beach Resort has been named one of the Traveller’s Choice Top 35 All-Inclusive Resorts in the world.

Next up we have Vanila Hotel and Spa, which is perfectly located on the island of Nosy Be with the beach facing the “Orchids Island” also known as Sakatia. Overlooking lush gardens of tropical fauna, sunset landscapes and a combination of rosewood and teak in the Malagasy architecture, this hotel is said to be one of the most welcoming places to visit!

Finally, we have Princess Bora Lodge and Spa, a hypnotising lodge that incorporates luxury and wilderness featured in a tropical environment heavily involved in developing ecotourism. The Jungle Spa offers 100% natural treatments from coconut, rice, banana wraps, scrubs, hair treatments, facials, aromatic baths and so much more, ensuring your trips is as much relaxing as it is adventurous!

If you’re ready to make your holiday dreams a reality this year, get in touch with us today or visit our website to take a look at the incredible Madagascan holiday accommodation offers we have available. We’ll make sure you are not disappointed!